[SciPy-user] hilbert on arrays

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Mon May 12 15:51:22 CDT 2008

2008/5/12 Gary Pajer <gary.pajer@gmail.com>:
>  Is there a one-step solution to this, or do I have to iterate over the
>  rows of d, calling scipy.signal.hilbert each time ?

You can always get someone else to do the dirty work for you:

Definition:	np.apply_along_axis(func1d, axis, arr, *args)
    Execute func1d(arr[i],*args) where func1d takes 1-D arrays
    and arr is an N-d array.  i varies so as to apply the function
    along the given axis for each 1-d subarray in arr.


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