[SciPy-user] can NumPy use parallel linear algebra libraries?

Camillo Lafleche camillo.lafleche@yahoo....
Wed May 14 16:41:41 CDT 2008

Besides some discussions about mpi4py for SciPy I couldn't find much information whether SciPy is ready to use parallel numerical algorithms.

With pBLAS (http://www.netlib.org/scalapack/pblas_qref.html) a parallel linear algebra library is available. Because NumPy is built on top of BLAS, I wonder whether you could accelerate cluster computations by using pBLAS? Higher level linear algebra routines than (p)BLAS should give the same advantages for NumPy functions like solve() and svd().

Am I naive if I assume that small changes in the libraries used for the NumPy compilation can enable parallel computing? Or is this option already available?

I'm grateful to receive any information about how to perform efficient linear algebra with NumPy on an MPI cluster.


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