[SciPy-user] Mac OS X and mkl and modifying site.cfg

Chris Lee c.j.lee@tnw.utwente...
Sat May 17 04:22:25 CDT 2008

Hi Everyone,

I sent this message earlier in the week, but it didn't seem to go  
through, so I am resending it.

I know this question has been asked before but I can't seem to find  
the answer and certainly what I am doing is not working.

I want to link my numpy install to the MKL libraries on Mac OS X (10.5)

I have installed the mkl libraries and they have ended up buried in / 
I have edited the site.cfg package to read:

library_dirs = /usr/local/lib:/opt/intel/fc/10.1.014/lib
include_dirs = /usr/local/include:/opt/intel/fc/10.1.014/include

library_dirs = /Library/Frameworks/Intel_MKL.framework/Libraries/ 
mkl_libs = mkl, vml
include_dirs = /Library/Frameworks/Intel_MKL.framework/Headers

Python seems to find the intel fortran compiler all right but it  
doesn't appear to even look for the mkl libraries

I have also tried other variations on this but it seems that the  
site.cfg file is ignored by setup.py
When I looked in setup.py, I noticed that configuration expects to add  
site.cfg.example. I changed that to site.cfg but it didn't make any  

If anyone knows what the site.cfg file should look like for a default  
Mac OS X install with mkl, would they please let me know?

Thank you all very much.
Chris Lee
Laser Physics and Nonlinear Optics Group
MESA+ Research Institute for Nanotechnology
University of Twente
Phone: ++31 (0)53 489 3968
fax: ++31 (0)53 489 1102

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