[SciPy-user] how to build in fftw3 support?

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Wed May 21 21:21:26 CDT 2008

On Wed, May 21, 2008 at 9:17 PM, Lin Shao <shao@msg.ucsf.edu> wrote:
> Hello
> I have fftw3 installed and setup.py seems to have found it:
> fftw3_info:
>  libraries fftw3 not found in /usr/local/lib
>  libraries fftw3 not found in /opt/lib
>    libraries = ['fftw3']
>    library_dirs = ['/usr/lib']
>    define_macros = [('SCIPY_FFTW3_H', None)]
>    include_dirs = ['/usr/include']
> But I don't see fftw3 in my scipy build.

There is no scipy.fftw3 package, if that is what you were looking for.
Everything is under scipy.fftpack. In particular, you can use the
program ldd to double-check that the file scipy/fftpack/_fftpack.so is
linked to libfftw3.

> Is there anything extra I
> need to do? Thanks.

Probably not.

Robert Kern

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