[SciPy-user] playing numpy arrays on a soundcard

Christopher Brown c-b@asu....
Sun May 25 01:00:25 CDT 2008

Hi List,

I have been working on a python module that passes numpy arrays to a 
soundcard for playback, in a similar way that wavplay works for matlab. 
I have a preliminary version finished, and I would be very happy to get 
feedback. I would describe my C skills as beginner/amateur, so there may 
be issues that I don't even know to look for. But it seems to work 
pretty well for me.

The module is a wrapper around the audiere sound library 
(audiere.sf.net), which already comes with python bindings, and I simply 
added several functions, features, and docstrings to expand its 
usefulness. I have tested it on both windows xp and kubuntu, and I 
haven't perceived any problems.

I have created a deb binary package that is available here (depends on 


and the source code is available here:




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