[SciPy-user] problem with weave tutorial

Gary Robinson garyrob@mac....
Tue May 27 18:04:18 CDT 2008


Many thanks. So, the idea is simply that the tutorial is ridiculously out-of-date, I guess. Hopefully someone will find time to fix that at some point!

Since apparently there is no written resource that reliably explains things like the following question for the current weave, I'll ask it here:

The examples you give:

a = weave.inline("return_val = py::object(a+1);",['a'])

a = weave.inline("return_val = a+1;", ['a'])

don't explicitly do anything with reference counting. Can you give any hints about if/when it is necessary to explicitly deal with reference counting when using Weave? I'd rather not have to extrapolate that info purely from the examples -- but I will if necessary, of course.

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