[SciPy-user] [ Python(x, y) ] New release : 1.2.1 - Critical bug fix

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Thu May 29 22:15:21 CDT 2008

Pierre Raybaut wrote:
> Right now for example, I have 
> been uploading (or more exactly trying to upload) the new release for 3 
> hours... That can be very discouraging sometimes.

Ok, thanks for the clarification.
> This being said, I will update the sources again shortly (but these are 
> not really "sources", the real sources are distributed by the developers 
> of included packages: this is just a redistribution, like a zip archive 
> containing all these binary packages).

Sure, but I was curious to see how you did build the binaries and how 
the update system works,



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