[SciPy-user] spreadsheet data visualisation app

Timmie timmichelsen@gmx-topmail...
Mon Nov 3 09:45:59 CST 2008

is there any application that I can use view numpy arrays in a tabular /
spreadsheet like manner?

Although I know that there may be large arrays which make it difficult for such
a application to work properly, this can sometimes be desireable for validating
calculation results. Especially when working interactively (i. e. using Ipython).

I imagine something like:

arr = np.arrange(0,10)


=> similar to pylab.show() an application like the spreadsheet on
http://zetcode.com/wxpython/skeletons/ could then pop up visualising my array.

The only app I can currently imagine to do such tasks would be Resolver One:
http://www.resolversystems.com/products/resolver-one/ but that application is
based on IronPython.

Kind regards,

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