[SciPy-user] scipy on old CPU crashes

oyster lepto.python@gmail....
Wed Nov 12 21:16:51 CST 2008

hi, all
I am using an old AMD Duron CPU with Win2k, which seems does not
support SSE/SSE2
When I write
>>> from scipy.integrate import quad
>>> quad(lambda e:e,1,5)
>>> import numpy
>>> import scipy
>>> import scipy.interpolate
>>> x = numpy.arange(10,dtype='float32') * 0.3
>>> y = numpy.cos(x)
>>> sp = scipy.interpolate.UnivariateSpline(x,y)
python 2.4/python 2.5 (which are all from www.python.org) crash soon.
I searched the internet, and found the reason may be SSE/SSE2
instructions in ATLAS, but I am not sure.

I found that there are 3 verisons in
numpy-1.2.1-sse2.exe and numpy-1.2.1-nosse.exe)

Is there a precompiled scipy that judges nosse/sse/sse2 automatically?
or is there a way to
change ATLAS only according to my CPU?


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