[SciPy-user] Scipy fails to build in Mac OS X 10.5

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Thu Nov 20 04:57:40 CST 2008

Yes, I backed off of 2.6. I now run 2.5. I figured out how to convert back. It was fairly easy. A Google search provided plenty of help, e.g.
See http://homepages.cwi.nl/~jack/macpython/uninstall.html

I just did a rename of the "Current" link in the /Library/Frameworks area. OS is 10.5.5.

I had problems installing the entire SciPy suite. I need basemap, a matplotlib toolkit that requires the latest matplotlb. So, the matplotlib package at Pythonmac.org was not recent enough. That's what I've used in the past.

I could not seem to install matplotlib without error. I tried following the instructions to install from source, but to no avail. I could not get the egg install to work either. At one point, the build was looking for things in /Developer/... which struck me as very odd. Libraries were not being found, etc. Perhaps I made some installation mistakes with the dependent libraries.  I gave up. (In summary, in the past I've had great success with the pythonmac packages, but that's not an option now due to basemap). I also tried the "SciPy superpack", but that did not work. My FORTRAN compiler is gfortran.

I then went to the Enthought distribution which is working. I installed basemap on top of that. I also added pydb. Future editions will ship with basemap, I've heard.


On 11/14/08 10:00 AM, "scipy-user-request@scipy.org" <scipy-user-request@scipy.org> wrote:

AFAIK Python 2.6 is not supported at this point, I recall there being
known issues with 0.6.0 and py2.6.

You may have more luck with the latest svn snapshots (instructions are
at http://scipy.org/Download ), but if you want to run stable you're
probably better off installing python 2.5.2 instead.



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