[SciPy-user] Debugging f2py-created modules

Jose Luis Gomez Dans josegomez@gmx....
Mon Nov 24 13:16:38 CST 2008

I have an f2py created module that wraps some fortran into a Python object. 
When I run one of the methods, I get the following error:
<type 'exceptions.ValueError'>: failed to initialize intent(inout) array -- 
expected elsize=4 but got 8

My method teakes some 34 or so parameters, and there are several defined as 
inout, so I don't really know where to start looking. Is there some option 
that tells me what bit of my calling sequence is causing the problem? Say my 
function call is
(a, b, c, d) = my_mod.my_method ( x, y, z, inout_a, inout_b, inout_c)

how do I know that the error is coming from inout_a, or inout_b? Or indeed 
somewhere else? In general, how do you debug a f2py module?

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