[SciPy-user] Questions about Line Integral Convolution tutorial

Anne Archibald aarchiba@physics.mcgill...
Mon Nov 24 15:39:20 CST 2008

2008/11/24 Bridgman, William T. <William.T.Bridgman@nasa.gov>:

> Is there any protocol for others updating the Wiki entry?  I've just
> joined Scipy but been a member of AstroPy since its inception - but I
> have yet to write or update a Wiki page.

Generally the protocol is "go right ahead, it's version-controlled".
Just out of curiosity, what were you hoping to use the LIC code for?

> I'm still getting some type of 'shifting' of my dataset after running
> LIC, so I need to examine the Cabral reference more closely.  I think
> I'm still missing something.

It is totally possible there's a big in my code. In particular David
Huard pointed out there may be an indexing bug that means that instead
of integrating forward, it integraes backward twice.

If the code works right, you shouldn't see any shifting, but Cabral et
al. point out that it's very important the algorithm and kernel be
symmetric, or you can get circles turning into spirals and the like.


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