[SciPy-user] CorePy 1.0 Release (x86, Cell BE, BSD!)

Chris Mueller cmueller_dev@yahoo....
Mon Nov 24 21:53:17 CST 2008

Hi scipy-ers -

Some of you may remember CorePy from previous SciPy conferences.  Feedback from those meetings was very helpful for planning the future of CorePy.

Without further ado...

Announcing CorePy 1.0 - http://www.corepy.org  

We are pleased to announce the latest release of CorePy. CorePy is a
complete system for developing machine-level programs in Python.
CorePy lets developers build and execute assembly-level programs
interactively from the Python command prompt, embed them directly in
Python applications, or export them to standard assembly languages. 

CorePy's straightforward APIs enable the creation of complex,
high-performance applications that take advantage of processor
features usually inaccessible from high-level scripting languages,
such as multi-core execution and vector instruction sets (SSE, VMX,

This version addresses the two most frequently asked questions about

1) Does CorePy support x86 processors?
   Yes! CorePy now has extensive support for 32/64-bit x86 and SSE 
   ISAs on Linux and OS X*.

2) Is CorePy Open Source? 
   Yes!  CorePy now uses the standard BSD license.

Of course, CorePy still supports PowerPC and Cell BE SPU processors.
In fact, for this release, the Cell run-time was redesigned from the
ground up to remove the dependency on IBM's libspe and now uses the
system-level interfaces to work directly with the SPUs (and, CorePy is
still the most fun way to program the PS3).  

CorePy is written almost entirely in Python.  Its run-time system
does not rely on any external compilers or assemblers.

If you have the need to write tight, fast code from Python, want
to demystify machine-level code generation, or just miss the good-old 
days of assembly hacking, check out CorePy!

And, if you don't believe us, here's our favorite user quote:

"CorePy makes assembly fun again!" 

__credits__ = """
  CorePy is developed by Chris Mueller, Andrew Friedley, and Ben
  Martin and is supported by the Open Systems Lab at Indiana

  Chris can be reached at cmueller[underscore]dev[at]yahoo[dot]com.

__footnote__ = """
  *Any volunteers for a Windows port? :)

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