[SciPy-user] Questions about Line Integral Convolution tutorial

Bridgman, William T. William.T.Bridgman@nasa....
Wed Nov 26 07:03:36 CST 2008

Anne & David,

I've made some revisions to the lic_internal.pyx file.  They seem to  
fix the problems I was having, but in the process, really alter your  
demo program output.  My major changes are

1) clean up array indexing: w,x,i and h,y,j are correlated now
2) the reverse integration along the line seemed to start at the end  
of the line.  I reinitialized it to kernellen//2
3) added comments

I can package it up and stage it for you to review and update on the  
Wiki.  Please email me directly on the location.


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