[SciPy-user] Install scipy on ubnutu 8.10

Xavier Gnata xavier.gnata@gmail....
Sun Oct 5 14:01:55 CDT 2008


I have installed an ubuntu 8.10 within a kvm image.
The goal is to write an as simple as possible procedure to compile
scipy on this distribution.
I would like to be able to compile scipy only after having installed
some packages. No tricks.
Good news, g77 is not needed anymore :)

I have one issue:
scipy/sparse/linalg/dsolve/umfpack/umfpack.i:192: Error: Unable to
find 'umfpack.h'
I have installed libsuitesparse-dev providing /usr/include/suitesparse/umfpack.h
Of course, I can solve this with a symlink but it is very ugly.
It looks like there is something to fix in scipy auto-detection
because this "usr/include/suitesparse/umfpack.h" should be detected
and used.

Once again, my goal is to end up with something like:
1) apt-get install "the correct list of packages"
2) compile/install scipy svn *wthout any extra config*.
3) you have a nice scipy installed and you can even  check that using
scipy.test() (ok ok it is an svn version so if you get some errors
please report them ;))


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