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Mon Oct 6 12:47:06 CDT 2008


I was hoping someone could clarify the ubuntu packages and what is actually
needed by scipy.

1) I keep seeing posts about g77 not being required anymore and gfortran
preferred.  What is the "official" statement?  In INSTALL.txt, only g77 is
mentioned for Ubuntu packages via:  """Debian/Ubuntu packages (g77):
atlas3-base atlas3-base-dev""".  The only reference to gfortran is with Mac
OS X.  Also, in "Optional Packages" debian packages 'gcc g++ g77' are

2) The install notes also say that a complete version of LAPACK is required
for scipy.  All the ubuntu descriptions say that only a subset of routines
from LAPACK are included with ATLAS.  For example,
http://packages.ubuntu.com/hardy/libatlas-sse2-dev.  Is this a problem?

3) It looks like there are two packages:  atlas3-sse2 and
libatlas-sse2-dev.  Are both required?  It seems that they refer to
different versions of ATLAS.


On reading http://www.scipy.org/Installing_SciPy/Linux, it seems like I only
should need libatlas-sse2-dev.  Correct?

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