[SciPy-user] Calculating daily, monthly and seasonal averages of hourly time series data.

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Thu Oct 9 12:17:28 CDT 2008

What you need for timeseries is a recent numpy (>=1.2.0) and 
scipy(>=0.7svn...). If you can compile the latest sources from SVN, you're 
good to go.

The documentation is here:

If it doesn't cover areas you need, let us know and help us by writing some 

As an extra comment on Lionel's answers:
* Once you have a time series, you can directly mask some data without having 
to recreate a series
>>> series=ts.time_series(np.random.rand(365), start_date=ts.now('D'))
>>># Mask the first 10 elements
>>> series[:10] = ma.masked
>>> #Maske the data in August
>>> series[series.month==8] = ma.masked

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