[SciPy-user] why does linalg.sqrtm return an array?

Brian Blais bblais@bryant....
Thu Oct 9 13:26:50 CDT 2008


I was just bitten by the fact that sqrtm returns an array, not a  
matrix.  Every time I tried to test it with Q*Q, or Q.T*Q I got very  
strange results (I was just about to post that it was seriously  
broken).  Then I found out that it returns an array!  Why is that?   
It would seem that if you are doing a matrix square root, you are  
working with matrices mostly in that calculation, so a matrix is the  
consistent thing to return (and perhaps the least surprising thing to  
return).  Is there a reason for this?


			Brian Blais

Brian Blais

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