[SciPy-user] [ Python(x,y) ] New release : 2.1.2

Pierre Raybaut contact@pythonxy....
Fri Oct 10 15:12:33 CDT 2008

Hi all,

As you may already know, Python(x,y) is a free scientific-oriented
Python Distribution based on Qt and Eclipse providing a self-consistent
scientific development environment.

Release 2.1.2 is now available on http://www.pythonxy.com.
(Full Edition, Basic Edition, Light Edition, Custom Edition and Update)

Changes history
Version 2.1.2 (10-09-2008)

     * Added:
           o mercurial 1.0.2: Revision control system
           o MercurialEclipse 1.1.867: Mercurial Eclipse plugin
           o docutils 0.5.0: Text processing system for processing 
plaintext documentation into useful formats, such as HTML or LaTeX 
(includes reStructuredText)
           o jinja 1.2: Sandboxed template engine (provides a 
Django-like non-XML syntax and compiles templates into executable python 
           o pygments 0.11.1: Generic syntax highlighter for general use 
in all kinds of software
     * Updated:
           o Pydev 1.3.22
           o MinGW added GDB
           o xy 1.0.7: Python html help is automatically generated from 
.chm file
     * Corrected:
           o SciPy : tiny update to remove deprecation warnings 
following NumPy latest update
           o IPython post-install install script was not 
executed entirely
           o Issue 25 (PATH environment variable could be corrupted): 
Python(x,y) (main installer), Console2, MinGW, Notepad++, SWIG, GDAL, 
GDCM, OpenCV, PyQt4 and VTK

Pierre Raybaut

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