[SciPy-user] Record Array: How to add a column?

Travis E. Oliphant oliphant@enthought....
Tue Oct 14 17:55:44 CDT 2008

John Hunter wrote:
> No, that is one of the main points of the example in the call to
> rec_join -- it does an inner join (intersection)  aligned by date.
> Since it is an inner join, dates in one that are not in the other are
> dropped.  It can also do an outer join (union) using the "jointype"
> keyword arg to rec_join.
> But thanks for the kind words on the example -- I agree.  Record
> arrays are really powerful data structures and with some of the
> functions in mlab, which hopefully will end up in some form in numpy
I hope so too.  These are good examples, John.  Thanks for the continual 
high-quality code.


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