[SciPy-user] Matlab can interfere with Python?

Wes McKinney wesmckinn@gmail....
Wed Oct 15 17:21:27 CDT 2008

There's nothing wrong with the DLL build =) I was experiencing problems with
unit-tested production code being ground to a halt when MATLAB is running in
the background. In other words, I would execute a simple line of code in the
Python shell and it would hang or take a very long time to execute. The
instant MATLAB was closed (matlab not executing any code, just idling),
Python stopped hanging and code would run as usual. (Seriously!)

I listed the gcc linkage since I thought Matlab might be interfering somehow
with the use of the Microsoft C runtime, but that doesn't make that much
sense either because Matlab has it's own C runtime DLL.


On Wed, Oct 15, 2008 at 4:49 PM, Andrew Straw <strawman@astraw.com> wrote:

> Just to be clear, it seems like you have experienced problems with 2
> things:
> 1) While doing the link step to create a .dll (well, .pyd file) when
> running MinGW's GCC  on a .c file, the linking fails due to an error.
> (The .c file being autogenerated by Cython when compiling a .pyx file.)
> If this is correct, what do you mean by "prevent Python from linking" --
> Python is not executing in this case. What is the exact gcc error
> message? Does gcc not find the python25.dll? Does gcc fail to link other
> files that have nothing to do with python (i.e. they don't use symbols
> from python25.dll)?
> 2) "severly inhibit execution of code" -- are the symptoms any different
> than the CPU being busy or the RAM being full? Have you checked those
> things?
> Still just trying to understand the nature of the problem,
> Andrew
> Wes McKinney wrote:
> > I have experienced this bizarre problem on two my coworker's machine
> > who run Matlab (7.6.0 rev 2008a) and I have been teaching to use
> > Python/Numpy/Scipy. Occasionally Matlab will somehow prevent Python
> > from linking with various DLLs or severely inhibit the execution of
> > code. I am not really sure how this could be (other than the Borg at
> > the MathWorks not wanting anyone to use open source software), but has
> > anyone else experienced this? As soon as I killed Matlab the problem
> > disappeared.
> >
> > Here is the linkage output from a Cython dll that was killed by this:
> >
> > C:\MinGW\bin\gcc.exe -mno-cygwin -shared -s
> > build\temp.win32-2.5\Release\tseries.o
> > build\temp.win32-2.5\Release\tseries.def -LC:\Python25\libs -LC:\P
> > ython25\PCBuild -lpython25 -lmsvcr71 -o tseries.pyd
> >
> > Maybe it's locking up the windows C runtime msvcr71?
> >
> > Any help here would be appreciated.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Wes
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