[SciPy-user] Fourier series

Joris De Ridder Joris.DeRidder@ster.kuleuven...
Wed Oct 22 05:54:43 CDT 2008

On 22 Oct 2008, at 11:56 , Nils Wagner wrote:

> Hi all,
> Is there a function in scipy to compute the Fourier
> coefficients
> a_0, a_1, b_1, a_2, b_2 of a periodic function f(t)=f(t+T)
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fourier_series
> An example would be appreciated.
> Nils

I guess you mean numerical, not analytical? As far as I know it's only  
possible if you can set an upper limit to its bandwidth. Suppose you  
know for certain that no frequencies higher than 100 Hz occur in your  
signal, than you can uniformly discretize the signal with spacing  
delta t  = 1/(2*100) = 0.005, and then use FFT (http://www.scipy.org/Numpy_Example_List 
) to compute the Fourier coefficients.


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