[SciPy-user] ndimage starting points

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Thu Oct 23 02:39:28 CDT 2008

Hi David

2008/10/23 David Warde-Farley <dwf@cs.toronto.edu>:
> Lately I've been looking at ndimage for replacing some of the
> functionality in the Matlab Image Processing Toolbox and elsewhere,
> but am running into some documentation holes. The parts of ndimage
> that I can figure out how to use work brilliantly and as advertised
> (the filters module for example), but a lot of the functions in some
> submodules don't say much about what form of input they take.

The ndimage module comes from Numeric.  Unfortunately, the version we
included came from a different source and did not have all the Numeric
documentation.  It would be great if you could write a patch to bring
some of the docs over -- they may also answer your questions below.

> - Some things like variance() don't immediately seem to add anything
> to the standard numpy functions, I am assuming that the ability to
> mask by label is their key advantage. Can someone confirm or correct
> this?

Much of the ndimage functionality was implemented before NumPy.  I
think we can already replace a big part of its functionality using
Python + Numpy, without going down to the C level (and I think this
would benefit the library in general).


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