[SciPy-user] overlapping polygons

Stéfan van der Walt stefan@sun.ac...
Fri Oct 31 07:18:24 CDT 2008

Hi Mark

These capabilities are not available in SciPy or NumPy.  I have BSD
polygon clipping code for the case where you intersect one rectangle
and another convex polygon.  If you need to calculate the intersection
between two arbitrary polygons, you can also use Joerg Raedler's gpc
wrapper (it's a very light-weight dependency):


That's one ugly URL.  Sorry.


2008/10/31 Mark Bakker <markbak@gmail.com>:
> Hello list -
> I am now using the shapely Python package to compute the intersection or
> difference of two closed polygons.
> Does scipy (or numpy) have similar abilities?
> Any other suggestions? Not that I don't like shapely, it just means one
> additional dependency for my code.
> Thanks, Mark

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