[SciPy-user] install SciPy on Mac OS X 10.4

luca.ciciriello@ema... luca.ciciriello@ema...
Mon Sep 1 04:56:28 CDT 2008

Hi All.
I've installed NumPy 1.1.1 and now I want to install SciPy 0.6.0 on My Mac
(10.4 PPC). I've got scipy-0.6.0.tar.gz.tar from SciPy site. On My system
is installed Xcode 2.5, so my default compiler is gcc 4.0.1. I've read in
INSTALL.TXT in SciPy distribution that SciPy is not so compatible with this
compiler, then to try to digit gcc_select 3.3. 
My question is: where have I to digit this gcc_select 3.3? 

Thanks in advance for any answer.

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