[SciPy-user] [OpenOpt] problem with ralg (latest SVN)

dmitrey dmitrey.kroshko@scipy....
Sun Sep 7 03:10:04 CDT 2008

Emanuele Olivetti wrote:
> Thanks Dmitrey,
> I've just tried to update, install and test latest OpenOpt (SVN)
> and it seems to work well with numpy 1.0.3 + scipy 0.5.2 shipped
> with ubuntu 7.10 (or better, now nlp_1.py runs some
> iterations and then the Python process gives "segmentation fault",
> but this is a known Python/NumPy issue as far as I remember).
> Anyway doesn't stop anymore. Thanks for the fix.
> About your suggstion to use other solvers than ralg, I've
> some good preliminary experience with scipy_lbfgsb; even
> scipy_tnc seems to work well but requires a too recent scipy.
> This is what happens with scipy 0.5.2 bundled with ubuntu 7.10
> when calling scipy_tnc:
> ---
> TypeError: fmin_tnc() got an unexpected keyword argument 'xtol'
> ----
> About algencan, I hanven't tried yet and I'm really interested. It is
> just my lack of time and the external dependencies that slow down
> my attempt. Anyway I've added optional logscale to my code, which
> is similar to setting the lower bound I need:
> problem.lb = N.zeros(problem.n) + contol
> Best,
> Emanuele
AFAIK currently (latest subversion) there are no OO solvers where the 
adding contol to box-bounds matters. As for next OO release I intend to 
have it done at *September 15.*
Regards, D.

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