[SciPy-user] scipy.test fails: clapack module is empty (Bryan Keith)

bernardo martins rocha bernardo.rocha@meduni-graz...
Tue Sep 9 12:02:46 CDT 2008

Hi Bryan Keith,
>    8. scipy.test fails: clapack module is empty (Bryan Keith)
I've got the same error with my installation (opensuse11 via yast --- 
science repository), please have a look at the message below. I also 
have a "Illegal Instruction" error in the end of the test, which is 
worse than your problem. I would like to get rid off this. Any suggestions?


In [1]: import scipy

In [2]: scipy.test()
Failed importing scipy.linsolve.umfpack: 'module' object has no 
attribute 'umfpack'
Found 9/9 tests for scipy.cluster.tests.test_vq
Found 20/20 tests for scipy.fftpack.tests.test_pseudo_diffs
Found 4/4 tests for scipy.fftpack.tests.test_helper
Found 18/18 tests for scipy.fftpack.tests.test_basic
Found 1/1 tests for scipy.integrate.tests.test_integrate
Found 3/3 tests for scipy.integrate.tests.test_quadrature
Found 10/10 tests for scipy.integrate.tests.test_quadpack
Found 6/6 tests for scipy.tests.test_fitpack
Found 6/6 tests for scipy.tests.test_interpolate
Found 28/28 tests for scipy.io.tests.test_mio
Found 4/4 tests for scipy.io.tests.test_recaster
Found 5/5 tests for scipy.io.tests.test_npfile
Found 13/13 tests for scipy.io.tests.test_mmio
Found 4/4 tests for scipy.io.tests.test_array_import
Found 16/16 tests for scipy.lib.blas.tests.test_blas
Found 128/128 tests for scipy.lib.blas.tests.test_fblas

WARNING: clapack module is empty
See scipy/INSTALL.txt for troubleshooting.
* If atlas library is not found by numpy/distutils/system_info.py,
then scipy uses flapack instead of clapack.

Found 42/42 tests for scipy.lib.lapack.tests.test_lapack
Found 4/4 tests for scipy.linalg.tests.test_lapack
<module 'scipy.linalg.fblas' from 
Found 16/16 tests for scipy.linalg.tests.test_blas
Found 6/6 tests for scipy.linalg.tests.test_iterative
Found 41/41 tests for scipy.linalg.tests.test_basic
Found 128/128 tests for scipy.linalg.tests.test_fblas
Found 7/7 tests for scipy.linalg.tests.test_matfuncs
Found 72/72 tests for scipy.linalg.tests.test_decomp
Failed importing 
'module' object has no attribute 'umfpack'
Found 2/2 tests for scipy.maxentropy.tests.test_maxentropy
Found 3/3 tests for scipy.misc.tests.test_pilutil
Found 399/399 tests for scipy.ndimage.tests.test_ndimage
Found 5/5 tests for scipy.odr.tests.test_odr
Found 4/4 tests for scipy.optimize.tests.test_zeros
Found 1/1 tests for scipy.optimize.tests.test_cobyla
Found 8/8 tests for scipy.optimize.tests.test_optimize
Found 10/10 tests for scipy.optimize.tests.test_nonlin
Found 5/5 tests for scipy.signal.tests.test_signaltools
Found 4/4 tests for scipy.signal.tests.test_wavelets
Found 152/152 tests for scipy.sparse.tests.test_sparse
Found 3/3 tests for scipy.special.tests.test_spfun_stats
Found 342/342 tests for scipy.special.tests.test_basic
Found 10/10 tests for scipy.stats.tests.test_morestats
Found 107/107 tests for scipy.stats.tests.test_stats
Found 73/73 tests for scipy.stats.tests.test_distributions
Found 0/0 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_c_spec
Found 1/1 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_ast_tools
Found 9/9 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_build_tools
Found 2/2 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_blitz_tools
building extensions here: /home/rocha/.python25_compiled/m11
Found 1/1 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_ext_tools
Found 0/0 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_inline_tools
Found 26/26 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_catalog
Found 0/0 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_scxx_sequence
Found 74/74 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_size_check
Failed importing 
Could not locate wxPython base directory.
Found 0/0 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_scxx_dict
Found 0/0 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_scxx_object
Found 3/3 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_standard_array_spec
Found 16/16 tests for scipy.weave.tests.test_slice_handler
Failed importing 
Could not locate wxPython base directory.
UserWarning: One of the clusters is empty. Re-run kmean with a different 
warnings.warn("One of the clusters is empty. "
exception raised as expected: One of the clusters is empty. Re-run kmean 
with a different initialization.
..........Illegal instruction

Bernardo M. Rocha

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