[SciPy-user] Gaussian quadrature error

Dan Murphy chiefmurph@comcast....
Sun Sep 14 20:44:25 CDT 2008

I am trying out the integrate.quadrature function on the function f(x)=e**x
to the left of the y-axis. If the lower bound in not too negative, I get a
reasonable answer, but if the lower bound is too negative, I get 0.0 as the
value of the integral. Here is the code:


from scipy import *


def f(x):

    return e**x


integrate.quadrature(f,-10.0,0.0) # answer is (0.999954600065,




integrate.quadrature(f,-1000.0,0.0) # yields (8.35116510531e-090,


Note that 'val' and 'err' are equal. Is this a bug in quadrature?




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