[SciPy-user] delays and odeint

Brian Blais bblais@bryant....
Thu Sep 18 16:33:35 CDT 2008


I am trying to do some dynamics systems modeling, specifically  
modeling population dynamics.  One piece of the model involves a  
delay, where you have something like:


where a population, y, has an amount x added to it and an amount of  
x, from 10 time steps before, exiting.  In this way the population,  
y, had members adding to it that last in population y for 10 time  
steps and then exit.  Is there a good way of representing this in  
such a way that I can still use odeint to solve the resulting diff- 
eqs?  I could write an Euler-method myself, and represent the delay  
as a list which I push from one end and pop from the other, but that  
seems a little hacky.  odeint uses an adaptive step-size, so that  
solution wouldn't work.  I wasn't sure if there already existed a  
tool for helping with this sort of thing.


		Brian Blais

Brian Blais

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