[SciPy-user] unusual fitting problem

peter websdell flyingdeckchair@googlemail....
Tue Sep 30 11:36:00 CDT 2008

Howdy gang,
I have an unusual fitting problem that has me totally stumped.

I need to perform a basic interpolation between a few data points, but i
need the result to look linear on a loglog scale. Making sense?

OK, i'll try again. Imagine you plotted the data points on a loglog scale,
then printed it out and joined the dots with a ruler and pencil. That is
what I need to achieve.

I'm trying to automate an old assessment method at work which requires
manually drawing a chart to extrapolate new values between the known data
points. It's tedious and there are literally hundreds need doing. :-o

Any help will be graciously received. Please let me know if my explanation
is nonsense.

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