[SciPy-user] Performance problem/suggestion for scikits.timeseries.convert

Matt Knox mattknox.ca@gmail....
Tue Apr 7 11:40:56 CDT 2009

> Perhaps an improvement could be made to the convert()
> function by recognizing a standard set of built-in numpy functions like ma.mean
> and applying the method used to generate "b" above, and only using
> ma.apply_along_axis() for custom functions. Since I imagine most people use
> standard aggregation functions like ma.mean and ma.sum, this could lead to a
> big speed improvement. I am building a GUI application, and this would make the
> difference between an application that reacts essentially instantly and one
> that hangs slightly in many situations.

Hi Alex, thanks for your feedback. That is a good suggestion. Would you mind
adding a note to the scikits bug/feature tracker for this?

Also, patches are welcome and would increase the chances of it getting into a
future release quickly.


- Matt

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