[SciPy-user] [ANN] scikits.timeseries 0.91.1

Matt Knox mattknox.ca@gmail....
Thu Apr 16 21:11:42 CDT 2009

We are pleased to announce the release of scikits.timeseries 0.91.1

This release contains some minor new features and bug fixes and is recommended
for all users.

Home page: http://pytseries.sourceforge.net/
Please see the website for installation requirements and download details.

New Features

 * Calling the convert method (or the corresponding function) with an explicit
   func parameter should now be faster when the function accepts an axis
 * The functions first_unmasked_val and last_unmasked_val now accept an
   optional axis parameter (with a default of None).
 * The display of dates for a series with undefined frequency has been
   simplified: dates are presented as integers.
 * date_array function now accepts strings for start_date and end_date

Bug Fixes

 * max / min methods now work for multi-dimension TimeSeries objects
 * The method fill_missing_dates (or the corresponding function) now works
   with structured arrays.
 * Methods and functions accepting an axis parameter should now return a
   TimeSeries when possible.

Matt Knox & Pierre Gerard-Marchant

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