[SciPy-user] 64 bit on Mac?

Keflavich keflavich@gmail....
Fri Apr 17 11:38:46 CDT 2009

Hi folks, I'd really like to work with some of the large images I
have; I work on a galactic plane survey that has lots of images with
~10^8 floating point pixels.  I'm also using a mac.  Unfortunately I
can't get a 64-bit version of python compiled and google has been
unhelpful in resolving the problem.  Is there a workaround to get 64
bit numpy working without 64 bit python installed?  I doubt that, but
if anyone has tips I'd appreciate them.

On a related note, I also use a linux machine with 64 bit python
installed, but it crashes with large arrays giving a segfault where my
mac spits out the "ValueError: dimensions too large." error.  Any
ideas there?


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