[SciPy-user] Convolve an input with a seri of impulses

Mickael mickael.paris@gmail....
Mon Apr 20 12:27:06 CDT 2009


I'm trying to convolve a reference signal, like a step signal, with a
sequence of impulses.  Impulses have different amplitudes and timing :

zeta = 0.0193
wn = 35037.0
wd = wn*math.sqrt(1.0-zeta**2)
K = math.exp(((-zeta*pi)/math.sqrt(1.0-zeta**2)))

num = array([9.871])
den = array([1,1354,1.228*10**9])
H = signal.lti(num, den)

# Impulses : amplitudes
A1 = (1.0/(1.0+K))
A2 = (K/(1.0+K))
# Impulses : timing
t1 = 0
t2 = (pi/wd)

I would like to apply to "H" the result of a step signal convolve with these
two pulses but I'don't know to define the vector of the impulses.
--->T,yout,xout = signal.lsim(H, entree, t)  <=== entree = scipy.signal.
convolve(*A_step*, My_Impulses?, mode='full')


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