[SciPy-user] conjugate gradients solver - operator adjoint

Lubos Vrbka lists@vrbka....
Wed Apr 22 03:00:07 CDT 2009


> The conjugate gradient method assumes that the matrix is hermitian, hence 
> no need for specifying adjoint separately.
> The algorithm you refer to is probably something different. A reference 
> to the paper would come handy. 
the paper is journal of computational physics 61 (1985) 280-285. in case 
of need/interest i could forward it to you. for obvious reasons i don't 
attach it to this message...

would be glad to know your opinion on this problem... will check also 
the other options. i think the problem is, that in order for the 
algorithm to work (it's newton-raphson + conjugate gradients), it's 
necessary to have the exact adjoint in the solution...


Lubos _@_"

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