[SciPy-user] Save a list of arrays

Mathieu Dubois mathieu.dubois@limsi...
Wed Apr 22 08:09:20 CDT 2009

[I have posted this message this morning but apparently it is stuck 
somewhere - sorry for multi-posting]


I would like to save a list of arrays (each one has a different shape) 
to a file.
For instance:
 >>> array1 = numpy.ones(2);
 >>> array2 = numpy.ones(5);
 >>> array3 = numpy.ones(1000);
 >>> list = [array1, array2, array3]

As my arrays are huge (each one contains several thousands values) I 
would like a compressed file.
numpy.savez would be perfect (because it produces an archive of binary 
files) but unfortunately numpy.savez(list) doesn't work because savez 
needs each array individually.

So what's the best way to do that?

Maybe I could create an archive file in Python (using ZipFile) save each 
array in a npy file and then write each file in the archive. But then, 
will numpy.load be able to open the file?

Any help appreciated.
Kind regards,

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