[SciPy-user] Numpy in parallel

Ramon Crehuet rcsqtc@iqac.csic...
Thu Apr 23 03:26:00 CDT 2009

Dear all,
I would like to use the 4 processors in my AMD Phenom machine to do some
calcualtions with Numpy.
According to:
This can be achieved if numpy is compiled using a BLAS that is able to
use multi-cores. I have installed the rpm numpy that comes with my
Opensuse 11.0 distribution. Apparently only one processor is used when I
calculate things like:
My first question is: is this a good choice? Is this Numpy optimized for
my arquitecture or I could do much better compiling ATLAS and Numpy from
scratch? Or is Intel MKL better?

My second question is: I have to create, many times, a large array of
normally distributed vectors (the stochastic term in a Langevin dynamics
run). Do you know if numpy.random.randn will be able to use multi-cores?

Thanks in advance,

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