[SciPy-user] problems with splrep,splev

David Warde-Farley dwf@cs.toronto....
Thu Apr 23 19:39:41 CDT 2009

On 18-Apr-09, at 9:31 AM, Christian K. wrote:
> Right, but then I don't get the meaning of xb and xe at all. What  
> sense
> does it make to choose a fit interval larger than the input data? IMHO
> x[0] < xb < xe < x[-1] should hold but obviously the docs tell the  
> opposite.

What sense does it make to fit using a smaller interval than x[0] ...  
x[-1]? You'd then be throwing away some of your observations. An xb  
and xe value < or > might do something

I don't see why you're specifying xb and xe to begin with. If you're  
fitting it to all the data, simply omitting those arguments makes most  
sense. You can slice your input arrays if you'd prefer not to use all  
of your data.


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