[SciPy-user] weave with C99 converters?

Thomas Breuel tmbdev@gmail....
Mon Apr 27 00:01:25 CDT 2009

I'm wondering whether there already are, or are planned to be, C99
converters for weave.  These converters would rely on the dynamic array
facilities of C99 instead of Blitz for representing multidimensional arrays:

int n = 2*r, m = 3*r;
float a[n][m];

Of course, "a" would have to be contiguous.  But the advantage would be no
dependence on a C++ compiler, faster compilation, and a simpler language to
learn for end users.

I suppose the same question could also be asked for weaving Fortran code
(77, 90, or later; and, yes, I know about f2py).

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