[SciPy-User] fsolve with restriction on variable

Sebastian Walter sebastian.walter@gmail....
Tue Aug 4 11:53:38 CDT 2009

Yeah, the licences of the linear solvers used in IPOPT are really too

I use the ma27 (I think it is called) as academic user. It's not as
bad as you wrote above:
You register, you get a confirmation mail with a password, then you
can log in an download the code as a couple of fortran source code
So, not such a big deal.

2009/8/4 Ernest Adrogué <eadrogue@gmx.net>:
>  4/08/09 @ 14:47 (+0200), thus spake Sebastian Walter:
>> uhmm, you are completely right... penalty methods are useless in that case.
>> Then,  interior points algorithms as implemented in IPOPT should be
>> method of choice.
> i would like to try ipopt, unfortunately it depends on third-party
> libraries with draconian licenses. only mumps seems to actually be
> "free", and yet in order to get it you have to fill a form and wait
> until they send you the software by mail!!
> Ernest
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