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2009/8/17 questions anon <questions.anon@gmail.com>

> Thanks for responding. Some of the processing I would like to do include:
> Import a hdf file, open calibrated data (VSWIR to TIR) and display image
> using different band combinations.
> From the hdf open the pixel latitude and longitude and georeference the
> image.
> Process the images to apparent reflectance, emissivity and brightness
> temperature
> Process the images to certain indices using simple band math.
> Overlay a vector file and calculate the mean values of the raster within
> the vector region.
> I would like to do this for many different files images.

This is fairly straightforward stuff (in principle!). You can use GDAL's
python bindings to open HDF files (your data looks like ASTER), and then use
matplotlib to plot colour composites. Any further image manipulations are
quite easy as everything is an array. You might need to watch memory usage,
and do image processing by blocks.

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