[SciPy-User] Saving Graphs

Marco gaedol@gmail....
Wed Dec 2 04:56:22 CST 2009

Hi all!

In the simulations I write I have to save very often the graph, with
all the attributes.
If I save it using gml or something like this, I end up with many
(say: thousands) of very small files, which are not very practical to
carry around and tend to full the filesystem very quickly.

I am looking for a way to save graphs (even not single graphs, but
rather more graphs in the same file) which is a little more clever.

So far I have been looking at pickling the whole thing, but I find it
rather unsatisfactory.
I have heard of hdf (or something like this). Looks to me that the
overhead to use it is rather big.

Someone has highlights, remarks, advice?

Thank you in advance,


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