[SciPy-User] December Webinar: SciPy India with Travis Oliphant

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Fri Dec 11 11:52:23 CST 2009

Next Friday Enthought will be hosting our monthly Scientific Computing  
with Python Webinar:
Summary of SciPy India
Friday December 18
1pm CST/ 7pm UTC
Register at GoToMeeting
Enthought President Travis Oliphant is currently in Kerala, India as  
the keynote speaker at SciPy India 2009. Due to a training engagement,  
Travis missed SciPy for the first time this summer, so he’s excited  
for this additional opportunity to meet and collaborate with the  
scientific Python community. Speakers at the event include Jarrod  
Millman, David Cournapeau, Christopher Burns, Prabhu Ramachandran, and  
Asokan Pichai — a great group. We’re looking forward to hearing  
Travis’ review of the proceedings.

Hope to see you there!
Enthought Media

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