[SciPy-User] mpmath test hangs with latest svn

Robin robince@gmail....
Sat Dec 12 09:28:34 CST 2009


With up to date SVN (6136) on OS X 10.6.2, python 2.5.4 (python.org),
gcc-4.0, g++-4.0, test_mpmath.test_hyp2f1_some_points_2 seems to hang
with Python process consuming 100% cpu for several minutes.

test_mpmath.test_expi_complex ... ERROR
test_mpmath.test_hyp2f1_strange_points ... KNOWNFAIL
test_mpmath.test_hyp2f1_real_some_points ... ERROR
test_mpmath.test_hyp2f1_some_points_2 ...

I've given it a while and will leave it a while longer but presumably
it shouldn't take this long.



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