[SciPy-User] SciKits.TimeSeries, Error unpickling time series of dicts

Robert Ferrell ferrell@diablotech....
Thu Dec 17 16:09:55 CST 2009

On Dec 17, 2009, at 3:01 PM, Pierre GM wrote:

> On Dec 17, 2009, at 4:47 PM, Robert Ferrell wrote:
>> I get an error unpickling a time series of dicts.  I'm on OS X 10.6.
> Robert, I gonna check that.
> For future reference, please create a ticket as well, so that we can  
> keep track of what must be done

I'll certainly do that.  Where/how do I file a ticket to a SciKit?   
Actually, I think I just found it at http://projects.scipy.org/scikits/query?component=timeseries&order=status 


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