[SciPy-User] How to draw an image in fltk from numpy array?

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Fri Dec 18 14:05:46 CST 2009

Andy Fraser wrote:
> I've done some more looking around and found answers to my own
> questions.  The key was to fetch the source for pyfltk from
> http://pyfltk.sourceforge.net/index.php#download and look at the
> examples

yup -- I actually poked around a little looking for an answer for you, 
but docs are very sparse!

> The code also runs if the first argument to
> fl_draw_image is bits rather than bits.data.

I figured -- numpy arrays expose the buffer interface, so you should be 
able to pass one into anything expecting a buffer.

Glad you got it figured out.


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