[SciPy-User] Parallelizing a for loop

Askey, Scott A Capt USAF AETC AFIT/ENY Scott.Askey@afit....
Sat Dec 26 13:09:40 CST 2009

For a "small" problem 10 elements (420 dof total) runs in 2.2 second when fsolve is is given a jacobian function the problem solves in 2.2 seconds jerval=3 and feval =23 , without the jacobian it takes 20+ seconds.  

 The reason I asked is that there are a couple of finite element packages
 available for python. Two of them are SfePy <http://sfepy.org/> and
 I don't know if either is directly applicable to your problem. As to fsolve,
 are you directly computing the Jacobian or do you let the routine compute it


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