[SciPy-user] shared memory machines

Sturla Molden sturla@molden...
Tue Feb 10 08:24:03 CST 2009

The Windows version seems to be working correctly on my computers.

I will put updates here:


Testing (particularly on Unix and friends) is appreciated. If you have 
comments, encounter bugs, or have corrections, please send them to my email.


import sharedmem as shm

Now shm.zeros, shm.ones, and shm.empty should work like their numpy 
equivalents. They are pickled and depickled by name (hidden from sight), 
meaning only metadata is stored in the pickle. Call .copy() if you need 
the pickle to contain a copy of the data as well. Unlike 
multiprocessing.Array, these shared memory arrays can be sent through a 
multiprocessing.Queue, tcp, or any other IPC you may think of. That's it.

I am done spamming this list with this for now.

Sturla Molden

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