[SciPy-user] Specific Odeint Problem

Ted Kord teddy.kord@googlemail....
Sun Feb 15 10:22:04 CST 2009


I have a specific problem for which I am unsure how to use odeint.
I'll try to outline the problem in steps so please bear with me.

1. I have a set of data in  a file (one column only), say resistances.

2. I have a set of 5 time-dependent ODEs to solve.

3. At each time step, a specific resistance value from the
aforementioned data set must be used in the solution of the ODE set
e.g dydt = 4.56 * exp(resistance)/F

4. I am able to solve the ODEs using odeint using a time range from
'a' to 'b' according to the requirements of odeint, i.e.,
          odeint(f, y0, t)

5. However, it's proving difficult to incorporate 'at each time step',
the specific resistances required.

I'd appreciate any help on this issue.


Ted Kord

P.S: The resistance values cannot be hard-coded in. There are 5001
values each for a specific time step.

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