[SciPy-user] intersect (matlab)

Robert Cimrman cimrman3@ntc.zcu...
Mon Feb 16 06:07:53 CST 2009

Bernardo M. Rocha wrote:
> Hi Robert Kern,
> I have 2 matrices of dimensions npts1 x 3 and npts2 x 3, and I would
>  like to figure out the intersection between the rows of these
> matrices. If you think that the matrices are lists of points with
> their coordinates, I want to find out the common points to both
> lists. That's it. In matlab you can simply do:
> [c,iai,ib] = intersect(A,B,'rows')
> But the intersect in python only works with 1D arrays.
> Best regards, Bernardo M. Rocha

These questions appear from time to time - it would be nice to add more
kwarg options to all the functions in the arraysetops module, like 
return_index, rows (or better, axis!), etc. Unfortunately, I (the 
culprit of arraysetops) am too swamped by work to look at it right now.
But it's on my TODO list.

Best regards,

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